1999 Excelsior Henderson Oyster Green #941

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Description: This bike has a Baldwin transmission rebuild, a Pat Ryan oil cooler, the pickup tube, the oil pressure relief valve fix, a reinforced Ignition Switch, McCarthy's H5 Cams, an 8352 tune by Atlantic SuperX, new Metzler tires, a new battery, a new rear brake switch, a grounding strap. Rear Wheel spokes just reworked with 3 new bearings by Atlantic SuperX.  Accessories include the saddle bag kit, windshield kit, backrest pad kit, luggage carrier kit, and slashcut muffler kit (not installed).

Main bearing spun at 1700 miles. New main bearings installed and 'pinned' (photos and documentation of work available). There are two current problems--which I think are minor.

1. The bike was running better than ever when I uploaded the new 8352 tune this spring. Now the bike runs great when cold but runs rough when it gets warmed up.  I replaced the oxygen sensor, but it did not solve the problem.  The bike needs a mechanics attention--perhaps someone who can read the error codes.

2. The fan on Pat Ryan's oil cooler does not come on when the engine heats ups  The fan motor works, but the thermostat must not be working.

After getting the H5 cams and new main bearings the bike ran great, better than ever.  I would like to sell the bike to someone who understands the motorcycle and has the knowledge or access to one of the shops offering the ability to read codes and fix the rough running problem.

I have documentation for all the upgrades and repairs that have been done.

I will email more information and photos for anyone who is interested.

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