Ignition switch parts...still looking
Description: Seems like ignition switches are falling apart pretty regularly again.  I had the one on #0711 come apart while travelling at low speed...and it WASN'T the butterfly that broke, believe it or not!  The two Allen retaining screws backed out and the whole butterfly assembly fell out against my leg and dropped to the floorboard, where I caught it with my foot.  

I was able to retrieve all of the parts (spent a hour in the street with a magnetic pick-up tool) EXCEPT for the two little, tiny detent pins and springs.  I was able to reassemble the switch, but I have to slip a tie-wrap over the butterfly to keep it from flopping back to the "OFF" position while riding down the road.  If you've replaced your original ignition with one of the replacements, I know most of the retrofit switch set ups substitute the whole cylinder with a more common switch, so if anyone has spare "leftover" parts from a switch rebuild, please let me know.

Thank you!


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