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Technical Resource Discussion / Excelsior Henderson Super X
« Last post by schock on September 13, 2018, 09:48:17 am »
Excelsior Henderson Super X

I have a 1999 Super X Excelsior Henderson. Serial# 369, 2050 miles, and colored blue and oyster. Just got it out this year and it didn't run right. Work done this year was a new clutch slave cylinder seals, reprograming of the ECU, new fuel pump, new injectors. The bike runs very well and every thing works, after the work was done to it. It don't have all the updates, pretty much factory origional. I would consider the bike in near mint condition. You may contact me at any time. Im getting to old to ride the thing and maybe someone else can enjoy it.  Jim K

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Technical Resource Discussion / Re: Charging issue on 1483
« Last post by wytfut on September 04, 2018, 08:19:40 am »
I was following you on Facebook yesterday.....

As stated 3 years battery life, although seems short... From my expaerience isn't all that unusual. Dennis Bennet outta S.D. also had one go 14 years... Very unusual to say the least.I got 5 out of my last one, and it surprised me.

Get that new battery in and test with volt meter... Should be at least 13VDC (13.2as Russ indicated)with bike running.

No good voltage, pull stator plug, with bike running, should be 60VAC, test across any 2 of the 3 plugs... And keep testing 2 til you get all 3 phases tested. All 3 have to test good..   no good? It's the stator.... Common on X's that didn't run tune or oilcoolers in a large portion of the bikes early life. VAC good, it's the regulator..

Good luck... and feel free come back if more questions

Technical Resource Discussion / Re: Charging issue on 1483
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on September 04, 2018, 12:24:48 am »
Something to keep in mind here: the idiot light on the dash is nothing but a voltage indication. It's not actually diagnosing anything working or not working. It only illuminates when the voltage drops below a certain level (10.5V I think).

With that in mind, a fresh battery might start the bike and everything may look fine as you start down the road, only to have the light eventually come on again as the new battery dies trying to power the bike.
Technical Resource Discussion / Re: #307 Powertrain Demise update
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on September 04, 2018, 12:18:44 am »
Rich, I'd love to see pics of some of your machine work as you progress through this.

Just thinking out loud with you here: if those bolts were indeed designed to torque to a specific stretch, I would expect the ends to be machined flat and tightly controlled. They had to do this on an assembly line and it would have been a crappy engineer to leave something like that to juggling ball bearings and a micrometer to get the dimension. In fact: I'd expect them to be precision finished to length if that were the case.

I believe it would be either a basic torque value or a lower torque value and some amount of extra rotation, exactly as you suspect.
Technical Resource Discussion / Charging issue on 1483
« Last post by decotriumph on September 03, 2018, 07:52:37 pm »
Last week I was riding and stopped for a few minutes. When I went to start the bike, it wouldn't start. Turned out the cable connections were loose at the battery. Fixed that and it ran fine. This evening I stopped for gas and when I started back up, the bike started slowly but finally fired. However, the battery warning light was on and stayed on all the way home (15 miles or so). I can't say for certain that it wasn't on before that. It was very sunny and I may have missed it earlier. Anyway, when I got home, I turned the bike off and then tried to restart it and it didn't have enough juice to start. I'm hoping it's a bad battery but fearing the stator. We'll see. I won't get a chance to look at it very closely for a couple days (and it's hotter than hades here), but I'll try charging the battery first and then test it. Any insight?
Technical Resource Discussion / Re: #307 Powertrain Demise update
« Last post by blackheart on September 02, 2018, 06:55:57 am »
I never have found the tightening specifications for the rod bolts,  I suspect they use a light preload torque,  then use turn of nut to tension properly (in this case turn of head).  I suspect that is why it's not listed in the published torques, or I might be overlooking it.  If Atlantic wont advise when I purchase new rod bearings from them,  I'll assume a 150ksi UTS fastener and calculate the required stretch to tension properly. In order to do so I'll have to spot the bolt ends to use a stretch gauge or mic with balls.  The other thought I had was to mark the existing and loosen and see how many degrees past snug they where tensioned to.

So I decided to keep the original cases for #307 and just rebuild it.  What looked ok in the beginning, was not upon closer inspection.  The left side main bearing bore was out of round and tapered.   So I bored it oversized and made a new bushing from a modified #64 bronze,  which is 12% lead.  I set the interference fit for 0.002/ inch and heated the case to 240, froze bushing in dry ice for a drop in installation. Then I bored to size.  I am not going to pin the bushing since the fit won't loosen as heat rises as does with the steel backed factory bearing.  I'm a bit concerned the bronze isn't as good for embedibility as the aluminum alloy faced stock bearings.

Yesterday I finish sized the bores and chamfered for the crank radius.  The right side which has the thrust washer, I made the thrust integral to the bushing as the old one was smoked. I was shooting for 0.002" clearance but overshot on the left side at 0.0035" or a little less.  I'm not sure I won't have to redo it. I'm afraid it's too much.  I  just wasn't used to my boring attachment and on the last cut changed the way I adjusted it. I think I should advance it, lock down via dovetail clamp screws and back off advance screw, I think it moved more after I spun it up to speed.

Motorcycle Events, Rallies, Rides, etc... / Cannonball Sturgis
« Last post by wytfut on September 01, 2018, 10:28:03 am »
Date line Sept. 17 Sturgis....
Our known turnout for the Cannonball rest day looks to be down this year compared to the past...     
From NebraXi will be Jeff Brown, and David Wright out of Sidney, and myself, Dennis Bennet will be attending, and Ken Bretz out of Minnesota will also be joining Dennis...  Numbers don't matter, and "life is what happens when you make plans"....   I know everyone that wishes to attend will be there in spirit.

I'd guess a few more may show that we don't know about....

Anyone/everyone is welcome... if you want to meet more X owners, this is one of the events you can do this. If you love old iron, this is also the event you can witness this....  And if you have always wanted to try out the roads that appear to have been built especially for motorcycles, .... where better than Sturgis. Jeff and I will be up a couple of days early, And Dennis will be riding there a couple of days after the rest day.

As is known, Maggie valley event is at the end of the month..... on the right coast, and highly attended by Xowners..... if its too far for you, here is an option for socializing in the community possibly much closer.

Jeff and I will be staying in Hill City South Dakota the first few days, and then on up to Sturgis for the event.  Want more information, give us a shout/text......   

For more information about this years cannonball....   

If you show up.... and want to catch up with us.... my phone number is 402 432 9131. Dennis's is 605 354 8501

This will be my 4th attendance..... and I still just love it....   I know.... I'm a sick sick man

Ride Safe everyone!!
Hey John.... How far are you from the Interstate? Looks like I may be in the Neighborhood on Sat. 9-1... Heading to Denny in Dodgeville, WI. Labor Day Weekend... Quick turn and back to Elkton. Got anything that needs to go East?

I'm only a few miles from the interchange between I-55 and I-80.
Wonderful news John...
Believe me there have been doubters about this ..
But you and Rich Orth, and Jim Turek have had good success...

So how many miles have you put on since installation?

So far, I've about 9500 miles since the upgrade.  The original stator failed at 7500 miles.  I upgraded the regulator / rectifier at about 11,000.  I have just over 20,500 miles on the bike now.
Non-Technical Discussion / Re: Where did you ride your Super X today?
« Last post by Jumper on August 26, 2018, 03:34:26 pm »
We had a good turn out up in Reading, Pa. a few weeks back...Snamrocks place... A few X's and a lot of fun!
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