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Awesome sounds great ......
Yeah surprisingly some of those duetz connectors will get interchange... Don't that myself a couple of times.
It was a fruitful day.  The new seals arrived from Atlantic (including that rubber gasket they said was long gone) and I got to work.

Now there was a lot of work to be done because the exhaust was removed to get to the ground wires and such plus resealing the injectors and getting the intake back on.  Plus the exhaust hanger crack had been welded and I got a new air filter spacer that had been lost.

After a few hours I got everything buttoned up.  This was going to be it.  New seals and I was very careful with the reassembly.  Then when I finally went to fire it up...crap!  Still wont fire up but I can get it to run on the front cylinder if I keep enough throttle on.  Rear cylinder wont fire.  I did find the wires to the spark plug coil were exposed, well at least one of them.  I taped them up but that wasn't it.

I went to Autozone to get a compression tester to answer the question about compression but frankly I had pretty much decided the rear head must be cracked.  I bought a tester and the compression measured 135 psi, I didn't think that was too bad.

Then I'm checking the injector to the rear cylinder.  Maybe the connector is loose.  Nope.  I marked the connector with paint marker when I took things apart.  R2 for the second injector used for the rear cylinder.  Then I pull out the wiring diagram and realize I am either an idiot or have early onset.  I had connected the purge valve connector (used on CA models only) to the second injector.  Okay got that squared and...she fired right up.

It's raining right now so I can't take the bike for a spin.  But it fires right up and stays running just like it is supposed to.  This is a really good sign.

In conclusion what was it (assuming it stays fixed)?  An intake leak.  Possibly at the one of the heads or between the butterfly assembly and the intake.

When the rain lets up I will take it for a test drive but I'm pretty optimistic at this point.

Non-Technical Discussion / Re: Where did you ride your Super X today?
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on December 13, 2018, 11:06:56 pm »
Looks pretty. It kind of reminds me of here. This is the west end of Antelope Valley which is where I live. This is along my local, favorite short ride: rolling grassy hills with various roads zig-zagging their way across and around them.

Different day, same loop:

Some time in the spring, I'm planning to go chase the San Andreas fault up to the bay area. It's beautiful, isolated, rolling hills just like in that article.
Technical Resource Discussion / Re: Bike stalls after starting up and flat spot off idle
« Last post by wytfut on December 13, 2018, 10:07:52 am »
Tps and aic....    Both are a rare bird and are pretty much bullet proof so far
I would like to also know what the procedure is for finding the zero position on the throttle position sensor. My first bike, with the factory tune and in my possession forever, registered 10 or 11% at closed throttle so I would assume you're also in the ballpark.

Somewhere in the ECU it does subtract that number off and knows what "closed throttle" looks like. If you ever had to replace the throttle body or sensor, I don't know if you just have to mechanically adjust the sensor to get to the same number or if there is some other method. It'll never be a problem for most of us if we don't have to replace those parts.

Come to think of it: I don't know how our cars do that either. I don't know of any TPS reset method to find zero. They just seem to know.
oops, I mean 11% on the TPS
It looks like my seals won't get here till Friday - BTW was the throttle position I noted ok, 16% fully closed ?

Dayumm, Bob, I haven't got dry paint to compare to yet. I put the scotch tape on the bike, put a big wet dot on the tape. Under the flashlight, the sample looks like a hole in the tape. I cannot see a color difference. Outstanding!

I'll report back with pictures in the sun but, I'm going to call this a likely winner. Man, thank you!
Technical Resource Discussion / Re: Bike stalls after starting up and flat spot off idle
« Last post by wytfut on December 10, 2018, 04:14:19 pm »
Yeah that gasket has been gone for a number of years now. So.... Just silicon...
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