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Non-Technical Discussion / Re: 1663: her new life in pictures
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on Today at 10:41:27 am »
Bruce, no insults implied or taken. You're one man and you can't have a conversation with yourself. I'm jumping in to continue adding to the place. This site is a whole lot better organized for owners to search and find solutions to things they might face.

Yahoo forums is a dying format and Facebook is the devil. I've got an empty puppet account over there with absolutely nothing in it just so I can get to groups and businesses that insist on using it. The format just doesn't work for me. My family doesn't want to hear about my EH obsession, you guys don't want to read about my Buell obsession, nobody else wants to know about my manufacturing industry obsession, none of the above want to know about my niece's new car. I don't want to have to manage all my content and settings just so Facebook can harvest my data and ex girlfriends can stalk me.

Yes, the results of the Mecum auction will be interesting. I thought Dan wanted to keep this as a part of his family legacy. I guess even if he sells the IP, it will always be part of the legacy. After all, the bikes carry his name. The IP changing hands was not something I had considered until the auction announcement.
Non-Technical Discussion / Re: 1663: her new life in pictures
« Last post by wytfut on Today at 08:39:04 am »
No insult taken Greg..... 
I've tried a few things to liven up the site....  with not a whole lot of time involved. None of which really have taken off. And thats ok....

but I do take serious, owners cornered with mechanical problems. And try my best at my knowledge and limted skills to help them out... plus all the regulars on here...

If you have any other suggestions to liven up the site.... I'm game. Just keep in mind with the Mecum sale in January..... I'm guessing the format of this site isn't going to change much. The new owners of this site and all copy right items, will be determining after the sale what happens from there on....

Greg, It looks like you got another fine X  there... And from what I know of you, it will be as close to pristine as you can possibly make it.... Very Cool!

Non-Technical Discussion / Re: 1663: her new life in pictures
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on Today at 12:26:20 am »
Last Monday night, I got her up on the lift and removed the exhaust to get a look at what was waiting behind that exhaust mounting bracket. This is what I found:

That's a 3.5" long, 3/8-16 Grade 8 bolt that is snapped off about 1/2" inside the hole. I guess it got loose, bounced around with the exhaust, fatigued the threads mid-shank, then failed and unscrewed half of the fastener. But, how to get out the remainder?

Not wanting to mess around with the possibility of a drill bit walking off-center or something, it was attacked as if my life depended on it.

With maybe four turns of somewhat good thread available, the plan:
  • Clean the available threads with a chip-clearing tap.
  • Find a 3/8-16 screw, cut it down until there are maybe 4-5 threads left.
  • Center-drill the screw on the lathe, making a precision drill bushing to guide the process.
The process started with a 0.125" carbide drill, it--amazingly--tracked straight. I have not had good luck with this in the past and that's why I went to so much trouble to create the drill bushing. After making it all the way through the remainder of the screw, the bushing was returned to the lathe to be opened up to 0.247" (a size I happen to have a bunch of). Once at that size, the bushing returned to the bike and drilling commenced.
 Success, with only 0.032" between the thread roots and the inside wall:
With that out of the way, the threads were chased and cleaned out in preparation for new fasteners.
Next on the list was to check all the ground points in the electrical box. Removing the electrical cover requires exhaust removal anyway so this was a perfect time.
The factory engine-to-frame ground wire checked out fine but, I opted to change it for a soldered 10 gauge, fine-strand replacement anyway. The Battery Tender (SAE plug) harness had previously been connected to the battery, as most do. With the tight battery terminal area on these bikes, I prefer to wire them directly into the system via the electrical box. The connection was made at the main circuit breaker, visible below, with the red rubber cover over the terminals.

That is how she sits tonight, with the exhaust bracket freshly bolted in place and the frame polished up. The rear of those two flange heads on the exhaust bracket is the one that was broken off.

The output pulley was also found slightly loose. Tearing into this area turned out to be a great piece of preventative maintenance. The engine and frame got scrubbed in every nook and cranny. The pulley got sandblasted and painted. The pulley cover and electrical cover got some touch-up paint on a few chips. All of it goes back on tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the misfire and battery light behavior have been solved.
Non-Technical Discussion / Re: 1663: her new life in pictures
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on Today at 12:12:57 am »
Another week later and it was back out on the road to steal a last minute loop of California 33 from Ojai to the Cuyama Valley, then back home through Frasier Park. She had been washed by this point. Much of the rust on the frame and fork started to come off with careful use of 0000 steel wool and Dawn dishwashing soap.

Shot from the GoPro, climbing toward the summit on Hwy 33.

It was on this ride that some other little problems started to crop up. The bike was beginning to misfire randomly and throw a temporary engine light. I figured it might be related to the ignition switch not having its detent stops anymore but, the switch was clearly at its most forward position.

The other problem, related to all of the misfiring, was a flickering battery light. Turning the spots on and off made no difference to the frequency or duration of the light coming on. That suggests the charging system is fine and there is likely a grounding issue somewhere in the electrical box. No problem.

During the change-out of the shotguns for the stock mufflers, I discovered that the rear exhaust hanger bracket bolt had broken off in the engine. Keep those bolts tight, folks! Fasteners don't mind clamping but, they don't like bending!

OF course that meant I had to pull the exhaust anyway. That would be a great opportunity to get into the electrical box and clean, check and tighten everything.

She's still a beauty:

Non-Technical Discussion / Re: 1663: Her New Life in Pictures
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on Today at 12:02:54 am »
Yours truly, in front of a store window:

After a few days of putting around and committing to not jumping right in and washing it, I got down to documenting exactly as she arrived. The bike lived in the coastal redwoods of northern California. As such, the roads were dry but, the bike lived in almost daily presence of fog and humidity.

That humidity has been a problem on other bikes I've bought over the years. One Buell owner in Huntington Beach bragged to me that he never rode the bike near sunset because it meant the coastal fog would roll in and coat the bike in salt. I don't think this bike was quite so lucky.

So some of the usual chrome issues, maybe the fork is a bit worse than some. The chromed side-blade of the rigid fork is peeling badly. OK, no big deal. It'll all come off and get chromed. I can deal with that.

Here are those chips I mentioned earlier. They're since been filled in and after a few more months, I'll block them down and blend them. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

She's a really good ten-foot bike and I plan to make her back into a great up-close bike. The rest of the bike is in really good condition.

Unfortunately, that photo above is the last time her ignition lock butterfly was ever seen. When I arrived home, this is what I found:

Functional but, the beauty has been marred. An appropriate fix is in the works and--no--it doesn't involve any stinking Harley parts.
Non-Technical Discussion / 1663: her new life in pictures
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on October 20, 2017, 11:51:11 pm »
Since I don't do facebook and this place needs a shot in the arm, here's my latest addition to my Super X fleet: 1663, a 2000 Deadwood Special. She turned up on Craigslist, near enough that I could drive there in a short time and...hey...I didn't have a DWS. That's all the justification I needed.

At first blush, the seat was wrong, it had shotgun exhausts and the condition was hard to tell from the photos. At least it was within a day's drive, out and back. This was a nice change from the 3,300 mile round trip to retrieve 1989 or 2,700 miles to bring back 333.

After calling I learned nothing but good things.
  • The mileage was wrong on the listing: it only had a little over 10K.
  • It had been sent to Bobby Baldwin back in 2003 or so and "had all the updates done."
  • Everything that had ever been removed from the bike was lovingly packed in boxes (including the stock mufflers).
  • Anything that had been modified (blue dot tail-light), a replacement had been purchased and put away.
  • It had a new battery and--best of all--the bike was still available.
So off I went with a rented pickup truck and my flatbed trailer to retrieve it.

I wish I could say I got her home without damage. Unfortunately the highways in California are in terrible condition. Despite all the tie-downs being more than a fist width away from anything and very tight, the bike bounced hard enough for one buckle to smack the tank a few times and put some fine chips in it.

The morning after arriving home.

After literally doing nothing to the bike except inflating the nearly-flat tires, I took her for a shakedown run and lunch.

I reckon if a larger established company can buy it right, they. Could do something with it.   I just don't see any smaller entity picking it up and being successful.  The market is saturated  ut there are people out there who'd buy something if it wasn't a HD.
A unique offering by Mecum Auctions will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 27, 2018, at the South Point Hotel & Casino. The Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle brand and all its intellectual property will be auctioned at the 27th annual Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction, which will run Jan. 23-27 and present 1,750 motorcycles for auction.

Included in the purchase will be the ownership of the Excelsior-Henderson brand name, all federally registered trademarks, web domains and includes the previous motorcycle frame and engine designs, as well as the expired patents that can only be effectively exploited by the owner of Excelsior-Henderson.
Non-Technical Discussion / Re: Where did you ride your Super X today?
« Last post by Donkey Hotey on October 06, 2017, 11:33:13 pm »
Thursday night, 1663 at Bike Night, Cycle Gear, Palmdale, CA.

Technical Resource Discussion / 7 x 14 Box Trailer EH Logo`s
« Last post by Xczar on October 05, 2017, 08:24:51 am »
7 x 14 Box Trailer EH Logo`s

This  a CareMate 7 x 14 trailer with a 6' 1" interior height. EH, HD and other decals on sides and back. Interior lighting, front shelving and tie down tracks on floor. Can accommodate 3 SX`s. This trailer was covered with a 20 x 30 tarp whenever it was not in use. Under 10k miles use. Probably closer to 5K. Minimal mileage on new wheels and tires, plus a spare. New brake battery last year.  EH decals were professionally done with gold leaf not long after I got the trailer and still in new shape.Always taken care of.
Wanted to list it here first as this is a great EH trailer and should go to a EH owner.

More Information
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