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Technical Resource Discussion / # 1945 Super X for sale
« Last post by Berlin Bob on March 05, 2018, 06:44:05 pm »
# 1945  Super X for sale

My Green/Oyster  is up on the market ...strong runner ...upgrades : tranny,oil cooler,pick up tube, 3" K & N air box,tripple tree replaced,strutt caps,head lite metal,rebuilt fuel pump w/sock,new injectors,stainless fasteners. Has slash cuts on it, condition is great...normal pitting on wheels, when I got it it had some scratches on front fender ...I spot painted,never finished. It is basically
the same condition when got it many moons ago...need room in my garage !  comes with crate end ..Dave & Jenny signed it
any ?'s  443-783-0920   resonablewill do a deposit thru paypal balance due 10 days after  thanks for looking

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The issue so far has been trying to keep the costs in check because people already complain about the cost of the previous options.

If money were no object, I could even produce a replacement butterfly with a completely new electrical switch. The problem there is that it gets into needing a new lock cylinder, sourcing the switches AND making it something the average owner could install with common hand tools. And it would be even more money. Probably not going to happen. I gave it a heck of a try to find suitable lock cylinders and came up dry.

From doing research on this, I see that some have had issues with the physical switch unit as well as the lock problems. That and the challenge of owners swapping lock parts to the new butterfly is why I backed away from that solution.

I even played with doing a keyless system. You'd walk up to the bike, switch on the butterfly and go. The lock bore would no longer exist and would become part of the butterfly design. A fob in your pocket would be your security. Again: costs. Before it was done, that would be at least $400 and would require more connections than just the single 3-pin plug. I just don't see many owners wanting it.
Non-Technical Discussion / Heaton
« Last post by wytfut on February 16, 2018, 11:09:30 am »
Some interesting news dealing with our history..
Wow Greg....
Simply wow...
We r in no hurry at all. If anything we may toss a toggle under tank until we figure out what is the best option with attained goals..
I have a nephew that has been building items with a 3d scanner and printer...  That maybe an option too..  (quite marvelous tech that is)...
I'd love to see some more discussion here on this.... In the meantime I'm gonna talk to both nephews (1 with printer, other with X and grenaded switch)
OK Bruce, I've read your inquiries and comments over on FB (I don't do FB--it's the devil). You want it to be stock. I am in your situation: my Deadwood broke it's switch back in October. It still "works" in that I can turn it on and off and it locks. With that said, it also switches itself off with no warning because the butterfly is what provided the clicks to hold the switch in place.

Can it just LOOK stock or do you absolutely want it to OPERATE stock? By that, I'm asking if you would settle for a butterfly-looking escutcheon that didn't actually rotate? It would have a lock in the center. It would be center-off and still rotate back for Acc and forward for Ign. The only thing is, you'd have a key always in the lock when it's running and the butterfly would no longer do its thing. Looking at it, only the most trained eye would spot the difference (much like the Stavos kit).

That kind of kit would probably be in the $200-300 range, just because of all the CNC machine time to whittle out the sculpted shape on the butterfly, the cost of the switch, connector and chroming.

Optionally: would it be acceptable if the escutcheon just fit into the hole in the stock housing (no alterations required) but, would do away with the butterfly shape? This would probably be about $100 less, simply because there is so much less machine time. The escutcheon would be a skirted shape that would mimic the center shape of the butterfly but, wouldn't include the tabs/wings. So you'd have a fixed lock assembly, it would look appropriate for the housing but, the butterfly tabs would be gone.

Everything is worked out in my head and I have two of the chosen switches (one barrel and one flat key). What I don't know is if these switches will withstand the vibration of being on a bike. Without some testing of my own, I don't want to just turn you loose with an unproven design.

The simple version of the escutcheon could be banged out in an evening (without chrome). Reverse engineering the butterfly shaped version is going to take some time. There are a lot of curves and draft angles on it to make it casting-friendly and that makes it a tough shape to model. I have to invest in the proper crimper set (a few hundred $$) and buy some pins and backshells.

How desperate are you to solve this right now?
Stavos kit or ignition switch already updated with stavos kit

Had an ignition switch grenade.
Looking for the stavos ignition update kit or an ignition switch that has already had the kit installed

More Information
Reserve was set at 3 million....
Stalled at 1.9 million
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