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« on: April 22, 2017, 12:53:07 pm »
Next on the Road Club agenda is:
The Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nevada April 26-30th. Laughlin is a little Vegas with a wide open Boulevard for cruising. All the manufacturers offer loooong test rides and there's plenty to see and do in town during bike week. As a club we seem to have found a home in Kingman, Arizona approximately 40(?) miles away. This location provides opportunity to ride to other fun and interesting​ locations such as Lake Havesu and Bozeman just to name a couple of locations. Plus, for those of us who have never had the opportunity, riding old RT. 66 and desert riding is really something special.
Next official event will be the Belle Plaine Bar-b-que days July 14-16 Dan has be gracious enough to invite us to head back to what some of us consider hallowed ground. This will be another first time event and an opportunity to connect with members who haven't had the opportunity to travel the long distances of previous events. Hopefully, based on its success, this can become an annual event.
Last on the official club calendar will be another first; The Ozarks! More specific, THE BIKES, BLUES, And BBQ Rally In Northern Arkansas. I'm​ sure our riding will take us into southern Missouri.
The date is set for Sept 20th-23rd.
There are a few other events X'ers gather including the Reading Motorcycle Rally July 27th thru the 30th and also Ohio Bike Week May 26th thru June 6th.
One last mention, any time anyone was to put together, or is planning on attending a local event give us a heads up and we'll do our best to help promote your gathering. One thing that's more fun than an X is a bunch of X's!!!

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They had fun, I think..